STEAM is Bridgette Mongeon, Artist and Educator – 2019 EYH STEM Conference Keynote presenter. She is bringing #GASS to life!  A Creative Thinker!!

  • Here is one studio project that pays in grandma points . You see , long time ago I had a company called Tinks Charm. I created garden art. Tink is a fairy- no relation to tinker bell. Tink is the idea fairy in Richard Bach’s book. So Tink contacted me. She said she knew I had an Airbnb on my studio property. She asked if I Would I be interested in also hosting a f- air-y bnb. Hosting all of her fairy friends who need a rest on their travels. Well we are busy building this f-air-y bnb. The front is Clayed up to add resin and the sand and stones . The entire front needs to be attached to a hole in the tree and the inside needs to be furnished. Electric outdoor tea lights will sit inside the windows illuminating the scene . More pictures to follow. Pine cone doors #grandma #grandmarocks #fairy #fairyhouse #tink #richardbach


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