Whine and Wine Wednesdays

To BEE-have or not to BEE-have, that is the question.

Words create problems and solve problems.  But communication is essential.

If something bugs you, lets talk. Being a computer science teacher since 1980s has changed my brain. When I see a problem, sorry, it is debug, debug, debug. If there is a roadblock in my pathway, I try to do something about it. Such as trying to teach kids common sense. I asked about moving the bikes, and one teenager said, not my bike and pointed to the owners. I then asked them to relay the message to park them on the side of the pathway. I got that look of not me, but the lifeguard spoke up and said he would do something. So, hopefully the problem will be solved, as this is not the first time my husband who uses a motorized wheelchair to walk with me have had our pathway blocked.