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Dec 2022  started at Unique Mind Care

February 19, 2023:

Dr. Nancy White recommended these supplements based on report from NeuroLab. My problems is I can’t shallow pills and they get stuck in my throat.

  • Prolent – 1 every other day in the P.M.
  • Cortisol Manager – 1 in a.m. one before bedtime (OK to crush -me)
  • Seriphos – 1 daily with water, 15 minutes before a meal (take before dinner -me)
  • B Complex – 1 Daily with food (in morning -me) –  ? taking other supplements so can I get too much B vitamins?
  • Relax Max – As Needed
  • Methyl assist (methyl guard) – 1 daily, with food
  • Krill Fish Oil (not started due to nausea

Also seeing Dr. Edward McReynolds, Memorial Psychiatry for anxiety and depression.

  • Tried Zoloft then Prosac found out with genetic markers from GeneSight, that might be a cause of my nausea every morning. Stopped Prosac on 2/9/23
  • Also take ClonazePAM, but reducing amount from 1 MG to now .25 MG.
  • Dr. McReynolds is supporting going off all medication and seeing if the brain therapy works.