Everyone can be friends. You just have to find that 1% common connection through taking advantage of the opportunity to have a conversation driven by your curiosity. Kindness and beautify of others are the keys.

Lucas at the Technology Curious MuseumTime is the most limited resources.  One must take the opportunity to do things in the moment.  Like helping my neighbors’ son Lucas learn how to create a website for my Technology Curiosity Museum.  How do we preserve history? Inspiring our youth to learn about the past through story telling.  100 years – that is a long time.

Today would have been my mother’s 100th birthday. In celebration, I would like to put in a memory bench and trees on the Patti Lynn – Robin Lake pathway where I currently am blessed to look at each morning as I drink a cup of coffee and listen to the birds in the beauty of nature. This would also include a dedication to Bill and Elra Eckhardt (1956), Margaret and Elmer Milz (1962), and Tom Masterson (1961) who were part of my parent’s, Jack and Dorothy Kerver (1959), beginnings and endings in Sandalwood. Everyone can build on 8 million stories.

I took the opportunity to attend a breakfast with my school district superintendent and a workshop on advanced academics. I learned so much which is better shared F2F in a conversation.  Taking the time was partly motivated by re-reading parts of Gates book “Showing Up for Life” before I gave it to the Memorial High School Wellness center. The coordinators of this center requested self-help books at a MHS PTA meeting.  That is what gives me joy, when someone asks to say yes.

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