Technology Curiosity Museum

How have computer input devices and memory changed over time?

You can find answers in the Technology Curiosity Museum on display in the library at Spring Branch Middle School during CS Education Week Dec. 6-12th.

Why a Technology Curiosity Museum? To inspire a student to ask questions. It is touch and explore to motivate you to learn more. In middle school Michael Dell saw a teletype machine that inspired him to learn about computing.  Hopefully students will see something in this museum that sparks their interest.

What Robots did you see in the museum?  Can you add to this timeline?

Michael Dell is a 1983 graduate of our SBISD Memorial High School. At the age of 15, he purchased an early Apple computer to take it apart to see how it worked. He helped launch the personal computer revolution in the 1980s with the creation of the Dell Computer Corporation. Learn more about how he did it from this interview. 

I too am a 1966 graduate of MHS, my brother graduated in 1965 and my grandson will graduate this year. My brother, like Michael Dell was an entrepreneur. The computers in this museum are from my brother’s Computer Base stores started after writing software for his construction business in 1970s. Learn more about Jim Kerver at the Coffee Shack in Hawaii, his current venture.

What computer input devices do you see in the museum?

1977 Apple starts. Being able to have a computer in my classroom to program in Logo and Basic was my inspiration to become a computer science and math teacher.  Keypunch cards are from 1968 when I programmed a mainframe at the University of Texas. The exhibit includes historical software, peripherals, and these computers:

  • 1983 Apple IIE – 5 1/4 inch floppy disk
  • 1984 Apple IIC – 5 1/4 inch floppy and 3.5 inch floppy disk
  • 1984 Mac – 3.5 inch floppy disk
  • 1998 IMac – CD Drive
  • 2001 IPod and IDog
  • 2007 Iphone
  • 2010 MacBook (Pick this up to feel the weight.)
  • Software, the instructions inside all computers.

Dance is a key to challenges and curiosity! Hunters Creek ES 2018

One key to future success will be your ability to understand and innovate to create solutions. That is why you should learn about computer science!!

Can you create a Timeline about your past and future computer history?


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