Houston Prep

July 14, 2021 – Houston Prep presentation on Zoom after years of F2F.

Brain Break – Dancing with the Bees.

I am a teacher.
I love creating and sharing lessons.
But most, I enjoy talking to students and seeing what they create.

I use EPL methodology created by Ridley Scott. That means, go with the flow. Plan as you go based on current events and the audience questions. When it snowed I took my students outside to taste the snowflakes and cancelled my lesson plan. We researched snowflakes and created digital art instead of the scheduled activity. Please ask questions to go down your pathway!!

Environmental Planning 4 Learning is our future paradigm shift classroom, I hope.  Are we Frozen in time? Do you think you might want to be a teacher? My first job was as at a brokerage firm analyzing markets. After 3 children attended a career interest course and it pointed to being a teacher. Best decision I ever made.

  1. Who am I?
    1. Resume through the years
    2. White House Champion of Change for CS Education
  2. What are my values?
    1. Your values are your quality control.
    2. Brene BrownDo you Dare to Lead?
    3. Activity to discover yours
  3. Where do you spend your time?
    1. Learning to solve problem in Technology Systems
    2. Furled through Time Poem
  4. ACTION:
    1. Speak up – today’s nanny story
    2. Create a Business Card – my 4th card below
    3. Create a Website
      1. Research ideas – tweet to @TedE4CS your scavenger hunt find
      2. Post your values
      3. Please tweet your URL or talk to me
    4. Find an Internship – I am looking for interns.
    5. Invite Feedback
      1. 2021 Talent Show

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