AiC Mentor Circles

“A violin contains 70 different pieces of wood.”

Adriana Lopez Cajigas

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Awards 2021 Mentor Circles
Please read our Houston Awardees Biographies to learn about their aspirations.

What is in your GARDEN of action?
dreams – stories – parents – inspiration

I thinkin circles.

    • Are you a linear or circular thinker?
    • Do you connect by centering or looping?
    • What is your challenge? What sparks your fire to take action?
      1. Health
      2. Environment
      3. Education
      4. Public Policy
      5. Social
      6. Economic
      7. Cyber Security  – AI & ML
      8. Collegiate
      9. Unicef CFCI – Children Friendly City Ambassadors
        1. Promoting Education Across the Country (PEAC) Ideathon


NCWIT Aspirations in Computing AiC Mentor Expectations

AiC Award Event:

This is the story of my life.  What is yours?

Do you see TedE sitting in the chair?


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