WHY Apply 4 Aspirations Award


Challenges makes life interesting.

Computing Skills Are Essential

Computing and computational thinking are increasingly important 21st-century skills. These skills lead the way for innovative solutions to long-standing problems at national and local levels. Technology increasingly permeates every aspect of society.

  1. Why Apply – because Together is Better!!
  2. We need to build a diverse population of computers.
  3. We need to find our Hidden Figures and Rosies.
  4. We need to find solutions to our local problems by using technology like Aspirations winners Shirley and Annie Zhu . With other Bellaire HS students they created Fresh Hub Houston.


HOW – Learn and Plan Together

The WHO – You + These Communities

Thank you RUSMP for sharing this at your Networking Conference!

See Article about this event in our local newspaper.

These photos don’t tell the whole story, but hopefully will start you thinking about what you can do.  This is what I captured, but Rosie Anne Papakonstantinou will add more to the story on the RUSMP website.

My take-a ways:

  • Dr. Richard Tapia
    • “One step forward will get you to good places.” That is decompose, something computer science teaches.  Break down problems into smaller parts.  If the challenge is too big, break it down again until you can write a procedure to achieve your goal.
    • “Needed UCLA to be prepared for Rice.”  Went to a Sequin school and worked hard.  Persevered after a life of rejection.
    • Learned to love math because was good at it.
    • Can’t be confident without success. (This is game theory)
  • Edward Gonzalez, Exxon on the STEM professional panel – “Evaluate data to make pricing more efficient.” – That is data science.  Something CS teaches.  See Bootstrapworld for free curriculum for students to learn about this world. Something all teachers need to learn, especially social studies and environmental science teachers.
  • Sandra Coleman, BHP Lawyer and Finance expert – Get parents involved … had dyslexia yet survived and thrived thanks to her parents.”
  • STEM Student panel –
    • “Learn how to learn things, use resources to figure out how.
    • Teachers who care and encourage you to keep trying are essential. (Please send encouraging note to a HS girl.)
    • Giving students small wins.  Research projects that build positive results.
    • Less time on board better!!! Interacting and hands-on lessons are what creates learning.
  • Ellis Wyms – bonus presenter invited by Debbie Campbell, RUSMP Code.org project manager.  He shared about his passion that turned to action to inspire athletes to learn about computer science. I shared about my passion for CSforAll, but more than that, my goal to make this a priority in the allotment of time in the classroom.  Reporter Pete Hamill in the CBS October 2019 special brought back the need for classroom reporters, those students who tell the truth. Young Verse message from his Fish in a Tank video is an inspiration to both of us. I discovered with the teachers in this conference we need to do more to spread the word about NCWIT.  And that students can be aspirations.org reporters from the classroom. Please help find one high school student and encourage her to share her passion.

Located in our Herman Park Rose Garden across the street from Rice – a pathway worth taking.

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