Expanding Your Horizons

Freedom is earned through education.
You are a slave to your own ignorance.  – Karen North 1985

Computer Science is a way out of poverty. – Karen North 2015

If you could make anything, what would you make? – Ashley Galvin from her 2015 Ted Talk

This video was made in 2015 and CS opportunity is still a problem.  Why?

After 30 years of championing change in classrooms,
I know we must require 20/20 time in 2020.
That is 20 minutes for 20 weeks to build the computer science mindset.

CSForAll.org: High-quality computer science an integral part of the educational experience of all K-12 students and teachers and to support student pathways to college and career success.

Bridgette is continuing to Expand Horizons of all learners through Space …

Ophra shared in “The Path Made Clear” to say what do you really want.  What I want is to be “invited to the party” created from an idea I planted.  And seeing that idea Expand Horizons through Computer Science Education, as that is the gateway out of poverty.  After decades of advocacy for this decision makers still don’t get IT.  And too many children are being left behind. I want CS For All.  As Coding is an easy tool to learn failure is OK, and is in fact essential for mastery, something Ophra shared is so important. “Meet me in the bathroom” if you want to talk about what path to take, as I am going through that now, and I know “Together is Better” as I just can’t do it it alone. Lets build a foundation together.

What is the “How” in these 15 top videos.  How to build Grit??

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