Tiny Tweaks

Tweaking the EES and making it Essy.
The trEES and the bEES + You

What can we do for our neighbors, our community?

What ask can we give instead?

 What happens when private interests take priority? We can learn from Sonia Shah and her book Pandemic. We must decompose COVID19. We can “touch” our friends, families and neighbors. Friends we choose, families and neighbors, I say be a scientist, not a politician. Be a leader!

Be a mentor to a student who has solutions – see ehack-for-charity – pick one, like and add a comment. These are the tiny tweaks that motivate our youth to scale their innovation with a goal of disaster relief!

I am so thankful I have a large network of online friends and my F2F friends who touch base virtually. Susan just shared her tweak for the day, a new Rosie book.

What pockets of control can you lead? What is in your heart? Share your TP? Questions from TED Conversations … Connections we need created rapidly by experts whose ideas can help us reflect and work through this uncertain time with a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom.


Sent this to my son a math teacher in London:  knorth.edublogs.org/research/flu/ – maybe you can get your students on this computational modeling. Team with your CS teacher. Especially now that your royalty have the virus.  It really is going to take all of us finding tiny tweaks.  Focus on the Bugs, not the Budget. What is the profit motivation? An idea: Success is Something to Sneeze at– Influenze and the Super Bowl.


HOW – Build on Chris Anderson’s Tiny Tweaks.


  • How can we all pay it forward? Changing the way business is done… conviction to do what he believes is right, even if it’s unpopular. Mission to create a world where values-based companies reshape the economy, so business stops being about making the most money possible. Dan believes it’s not about doing business as usual anymore, but doing business better. His employees paid-it-back by offering to work for free.
  • What happened to finance education and only borrowing for needs.  And not living from pay-check to pay-check.

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