Social Distancing

WHY … It is a game of probabilities

“We MUST flatten the curve!
COVID-19 is scariest disease we have seen!!
We need bolder thinking – channel your inner mathematician!!!”


Shared by the experts … Computer Science Teachers Association – Like myself, many of us have been teaching online for decades. The video by BrainPops is informative for all ages.

WHY we must spread the motivation:

Bella is slowly learning social distancing. My house may not look good, as I have put up gates in order to survive puppy-hood.  I have gone through numerous trainers.  One who said she need behavior therapy and medication and told me to only listen to him.  I decided as the parent, I must discover what works.  And this virus reinforced the 3 basics: attention, exercise and consistent discipline.  I occasionally gave her an inch and let her say hi and then she took a mile.  No more … until she learns manners I realized her problem was my mistake in training. This AED is the same advice I give (as a grandparent hoping you want my advice) to parents who are new to the world of home-schooling.  Have fun … do some virtual Houston Children’s Museum activities everyday. And how about traveling with John Hartman. Or go to the Robotarium. Take an amazing University online course. Lets have a Dance Party!

It's all about Tiny Tweaks!

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing

  1. While social distancing is being practiced around the world, the biggest worry right now is finding a cure. Yes I do agree with you that exercise is one way of keeping things in check and even online courses are a lot of help.

    The best way to look at this scenario is to see that earth has given us a chance to relive and revamp the way we live.

    However, it is certainly affecting the industry, people in the industries around the world are suffering. Even tech and data analysis industry has recieved the hit and many have been laid off.

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