Curiosity Discovers …

What did Curiosity discover on Mars?

I attended the Financial Mentors of America Educator Summit because I was curious about how they implement their curriculum.  I discovered that their focus is creating questions that learners discover the answers to. Those learners are given a card with a team and role when they enter class. Since the answer to what Curiosity discovered can easily be found on Internet, the teacher does not need to provide the answer.  The teacher needs to plant the focus and questions.  In Real Life Financial Math (RLFM) videos are embedded in the lessons to drive the curiosity. Conversation follows in teams to build learning.  This should be the model in all classrooms.

That is the flip that needs to happen in all schools. Students, I call on you to time how long your teachers talk.  And how much time is spent on testing and completing individual worksheets.  Determine the percent at the end of the week on time you spent collaborating with other students.  Then look at each subject and see if you learned more, discovered new interests, and had more fun in interactive classrooms.

In RLPF Unit 2.4 Explore – Beyond Survival students discussed the difference between wants and needs. At the end of this I moved from “I want my grandson to be able to take he Game of Real Life at MHS” to “I need my grandson to take RLPF at MHS.”  He is embarking on a 2 week trip to Spain inspired by his Spanish teacher in a class his mother made him take to get ahead in high school.  Go figure, spending 2 weeks taking immersion classes in Spain, when I thought his only passions were basketball and video games. I wonder what other pathways he might go down by discovering new things he might be curious about in RLPF.

Embedded in RLPF Unit 1-1 Enrich.

What do you think?

Curiosity 2011
I am curious about what Richardo is doing today.
My last post from my classroom at Piney Point ES.

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