Hour of Code Buddy Training

What is Coding?

  1. Welcome and Thank you. What is your goal today?
  2. Binary Bracelets – Make a set for your mentee.
  3. What is the Hour of Code?
  4. What activities are available?
  5. Unplugged Lessons
    1. Plant-a-Seed
    2. Bee-Bots
  6. Code.org Puzzles
  7. How do I find a school to help?

CS 4 TxCS 4 All


My Inspiration is those who learn – at end when mentors were introducing themselves and their goal (I forgot to do at the start) – one person said I get that coding is really about problem solving.  I gave him a high-five. Others shared that this can help build self-esteem and confidence, which is a major problem with their mentees.


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