Both nature-made and man-made. 
That is why we need our NCWIT Aspirations.org problem solvers.


Our Houston Affiliate Aspirations Award event scheduled for Feb. 29th was cancelled than rescheduled.  Schools in Houston including UHD was closed Friday due to a water main break.  Then we were notified we could hold our event.  So, I had the privilege of announcing our Energy Day Academic Award winners who will receive a cash prize on Energy Day October 17, 2020.

Future awards competitions include the Energy Day Festival art and Media contest. I would like to encourage all our 156 Aspiration applicants to apply and share your solutions for the future.  Solutions to help repair our decaying infrastructure like our water pipes.  Solutions to build brains for the future – like our Aspirations winner from UH.

How do we stitch together all these beautiful piece of our future?

How do we find our Hidden Figures and grow our Rosies?

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