As I was walking Miss (Mistake) Bella I realized I needed to focus.  Multi-taking is not working.  When I was not watching she peed on her lease.  When I got home her new name was Amazing Bella as she walked and listened so good.  I ran into a neighbor who has been collaborating with me on computer science education in Spring Branch ISD for years, and Bella sat and waited patiently as I ran my mouth.  I shared SBISD was working a district strategic plan and asked if she wanted to go with me to meet with the community outreach coordinator.  Alas, she is swamped with her 4 kids and Odyssey of the Minds and said this summer maybe we can get back advocacy work. I shared an observation I made on the construction of a house close to her.  They put in a single gate to their backyard and I regret not suggesting they put in a double-wide, as this was a mistake I made on my house.

I fear school choice is a mistake that needs to be addressed before it is too late.  All schools need to create a home-schooling atmosphere with maker-space time.  And community service needs to be required for graduation.  As I am reviewing problems our 156 Houston area Aspirations applicants want to solve, I know these students are the solution we are looking for.  That and all the other young adults who see problems and want to help, if only they had the time.  About half the students wanted to solve Social or Health problems.  The other half were concerned with education, Environmental, Engineering, Economic and Cyber Security issues. Very few were interested in energy or politics. We need small talk time in every classroom for students to brainstorm.

There is too much I want to say and blogging in circles.  So if you see an action items you can implement to change the school system, please leave a comment.  Or better yet walk in to the closest school and volunteer to mentor a teacher. One thing I know is Together is Better.  The action lies with the teachers. That is my focus, helping teachers teach.  At least those who have the time to ask for help.  So that moves my focus to monitoring educational laws. And speaking up when I know as a 25 year classroom teacher, and still volunteering in the classroom, policy makers just don’t get it.

So back to my focus areas.  “They” say if you write it down more likely to happen.

  1. My family:  Sons who are both teachers, one of HS math and other college music. My daughter, a mother and school volunteer.  Grandchildren, 16, 13, 10, 4 years old. … Education.
  2. Health:  Cooking, gardening, exercising  … “green” solutions.
  3. Do what brings me joylearning, writing, creating, time with friends.

Inspirational videos that have solutions to inspire:

And History that needs to be heard:


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