To be a one-legged purple gorilla

What sets your soul on fire?

… That is the question … To be or not to be?

It is important to me Daddy … I want to be a one-legged purple gorilla.  Mom said you can be anything you want to be.  You have to encourage; not everyone gets it. I got NO more than yes.  If anyone has told you not to passionately pursue what sets your soul on fire they are wrong.  Don’t you dare give up.  Somewhere for us all.  Writing a form of therapy.  – Ashley McBryde named ACM new female artist

Do or do Not.  There is no try. – Yoda

Finding Rosies sets my soul on fire.  And Ashley is a Rosie.  What a Riveter going somewhere.  Finding girls who “be-e” something.  Having an idea and seeing it happen sets my soul on fine.  Writing and posting my ideas, as those are easy soul fixers.  Having someone value what I do, like at the Sandalwood Tree Dedication for my Mom Saturday one of the organizers said I was a good speaker; maybe I will do a TED Talk; motivates me to finish the ISTE course. A teacher after my TCEA presentation on Programming with Graphics said, “You are going to change the world with what you are doing.”  Getting an email from the White House that was a riveting soul changing experience.  Reading “The Bear Basics of Business” where Maxine Clark said I answer email, and she did. And she gave birth to Ted E. Bear who is my buddy spreading the message of computer science education.
To be or not to be? So how do I do it?  Follow the advice of an expert.

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