Bug Brunch

Bee-Bots on the march again. Joining other insects for a day of STEM with Code Ninjas.  There were lots of bugs.  Not one child or parent who coded the Bee-Bots did it “right” the first time.  There was lots of debugging going on.  And discovering what was right, what challenge they wanted to tackle.  My challenge was trying to get the parents to let their child figure out the solution without hoovering and telling them what was right.  I wanted to say, please be a fly on the wall. But that was not my place, my place was to answer questions and encourage learners to JUST DO IT AGAIN.


The Creation of a Bug Dance inspired by this book (which disappeared and I hope will be read by the new owner) … need an aspiring film producer to link the takes together and share the underlying message.  See CodeMathTeks for more dance videos.

After 4 tries, attracted another learning bug.  They would have worked another hour to get their dance right, but alas time was out and they needed to move on.  Maybe in an after-school coding club they can come together again.


What pathway will be inspired by bugs.  This is my little butterfly growing in my garden. The future, Mia’s Bug Dance. Watch for that film.


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