Blue Dot

The critical Blue Dot” … that is what is missing to create “elegant” classrooms so kids are “Never Lost Again.“… “The Google Mapping Revolution” whose software helped to save lives during Katrina, helps with saving our environment and I think can revolutionize education. Self-driving cars … we need self-driving automated classrooms.  The system must change! That takes action like celebrating Rosie the Riveter Day 3/21/2019 by planting roses.

It took Halliburton 75 years to change their safety jumpsuit.  Educators can learn from Rosie the Riveter too, but with an open hand to maker space time with computer science education.  How long do we continue with bell-ringing Carnegie Unit driven accountability disconnected classroom?

Kids want challenges with friends.  Look at the draw of Fortnite … but instead of guns and fighting each other, lets give kids challenges to fight diseases, floods, air quality, obesity, and gardens to feed the world with healthy food.  Lets give a helping hand.

You can learn more about “The critical blue dot” in Chapter 18 of Kilday’s compelling story of the creation of one of the most essential applications ever devised, and the team that built it and changed how we navigate the world.  A must listen to in every high school classroom.  Teachers listen to “Never Lost Again” for 2 minutes each day and create revolutions in learning.  Give students 20% time like Google does for innovation. We need more CS leaders as project managers to make this happen!  …. Hands graphic by Shaina Glass, a leading CS Educator. For myself, I am losing my gall and hoping to be more staid.

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