Computer Science for ALL #2BAChampOfChange

To Be a Champion of Change for
Computer Science Education!

How fun, invigorating, inspirational, and motivating for the White House to value my passion. Now I just need more Code Buddies to build brains. My goals are:

Please join me as a volunteer in the classroom and you will change a student’s life.

  • Step 1:  Watch Amy Poehler Smart Girls White House Video
  • Step 2:  Step up to the plate.
    • Design an action item and implement it.
    • Be persistent – take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Step 3:  Build on your unique passion – be yourself.
    • Create Questions through conversation.
    • Work with those who want to work with you.
  • Step 4:  When you feel froggy, jump.
    • When you have an idea, communicate it!
    • Write, Blog, Write, Tweet, Code a website
    • Make a “Smart Girl” video tweet with your parent or teacher
      • Share a question, an idea or your passion with @TedE4CS
  • Step 5:  Be a Code Buddy.
    • Friends of CS Partners – write businesses to fund CS project managers.
    • Bring coding to activity centers in classrooms and libraries.


TedERooseveltRoom “There is nothing to fear, But fear itself”

Create the Great Presidential Debate between Teddy and Franklin TedE In the White House West Wing Roosevelt Room – It is TIME!

The next Internet is Robotics Will you be ready to help people perform at their best?

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