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The title of Ken Robinson’s new book. So, how do educators solve the problem of building creative minds that has been discussed way to long.

Professor Art Markman in Train Yourself to Be More Creative said the first step is to determine the “inner essence” of your problem is to ask: What problem are you really trying to solve? Ask yourself,

If I wrote a book about my problem, what would I call it? How would I describe the problem in three words to someone else? Those simple exercises can help you clear out the clutter to focus on the heart of the problem.

Wish decision makers would do that before asking teachers to implement their mandates. My words TEACHERS HAVE SOLUTIONS. My book title, TEACHERS KNOW BEST. Real problem trying to solve is how to empower teachers to motivate them to do more than they have to. Like all the Houston teachers who give up their time to learn to use coding to create creative classrooms.

To have CREATIVE SCHOOLS, you must first have CREATIVE TEACHERS and creative classroom environments!! No art classroom would have desks in a row. The curriculum is based on creating products of learning. If the focus was based on a test score, there would be no art.

Google CS First Clubs make it easy. TIME is the roadblock. Testing is required for accountability, so require club time during the school day where every teacher hosts a club around their passion. Where community members can team with a teacher to bring their passion and expertise into the the school. That simple thing, one hour a week, can help transform education.

Enhancing this on Mother’s Day as inspired again! My adopted female student, a computer science major at the University of Houston who attended Alief Early College HS send me a Happy MD text. And my son and grandson re-created this. A Lego creation my son made when he was in college that fell apart. He used to teach in the Austin area, but is now a math teacher at the American School in London.

See the video: “Mom” to “I Love You” created with Legos by my son and grandson

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