ISTE 2013 in San Antonio

Ted E. @ ISTE

Ted E. @ ISTE

Where @TedE4CS was born … 2020 and still advocating for CS Education!


  1. Computer Science Advocacy K-12–Texas Style
    From lessons to standards, advocating for computer science education is essential. Texas has K-8 computer science programming in math standards, and nine CS courses. Texas HB 5 allows for students to take two courses in computing programming languages as a substitute for two courses in a foreign language. The word “computational” has been added in the phrase “critical and computational thinking.”
  2. SIGCT Forum: Computational Thinking, Cybersecurity, Scratch, Robotics
    The Forum will feature Michael Tempel of the Logo Foundation, and also educators, students and industry volunteers from San Antonio’s Cyber City USA team lead by Cliff Zintgraff. Find out how to infuse the nine core competencies rooted in computer science work in the classroom.
  3. SIGCT STEM Playground
    Visit student robotics teams, cyber security teams and developing CT/CS projects, CS Advocacy, Scratch projects, Logo and small robotics all focused around Computational Thinking.
  4. SIGCT Open House
    The SIG for Computing Teachers advances the practice of teaching computing and computer science in PK–12 education. I am the business officer.
  5. SIGCT Annual Meeting
    We need YOU!! All SIGCT members or those interested in joining are encouraged to attend. Assist in the planning of future activities.


  1. TEAMWORK: Find support groups and friends – you cannot do it alone.
  2. KNOWLEDGE: Read and Research a broad range of topics.
  3. CREDIBILITY: Write and research.
  4. ACTION and HEART: Be a change agent.



  • The BEAR Necessities of Business by Maxine Clark
  • Be Our Guest, Perfecting the Art of Customer Service by Michael Eisner
  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
  • Oh the Thinks you Can Think by Dr. Seuss
  • Math Monsters Collecting Data, Patterns, and Making Tens by John Burstein


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