Applied Learning Facilitator

The CS Summit in Austin June 7-9 was amazing and inspiring.  My biggest takeaway is that we need Applied Learning Facilitators to implement all the computational thinking ideas we learned.  Time is the challenge to overcome.  An applied learning facilitator is a code buddy and educational consultant that can support teachers to integrate required curriculum with real-world projects and challenges. Applies project management techniques to solve TIME problems by teaching two concepts in 1 minute … “a minute saved is a minute earned.”

A code buddy (CB) is like a reading buddy, but instead plays with a small group of students.  An applied learning facilitator (ALF) is a facilitator of activities and puzzles.  The ALF collaborates with a teacher to integrate computational thinking into the scope and sequence.  They assist teachers by developing activities to meet individual wants and needs that build on unique passions. An ALF is an ELF that brings brain presents to the classroom, including crash-landing to help clean up brain garbage. An ALF is a classroom casting director.

Are you ready to be that ALF that all teachers need?
Ready to have some fun? Do things together?


“You learn it better when you teach it.” – conversation with my son who is a musician and teaches Protools and Reaktor at Austin Community College.  Reactor is the software he really had to learn.  So, the best CS ALFs are high school students who can teach the younger kids.  And they are free.  Just need to motivate the time. Ready to be a teacher?

Richard Gere on CBS Sunday Morning: “Wants to make films that do more than just entertain. … That simple connection makes everything meaningful. …
Change does not come from your head, it Comes from the Heart.”

Be-e in the Moment, Be Present, Bee in Nature

It is so much easier if it grows naturally.

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