Easter 2020

Hope renewed – Data not belief.  We need “R” programmers. Maybe now the important of CS Education will be a priority during the school day and for homeschooling parents.  Data Science education is free and online!!

CS Ed week 2011 …

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week by learning the basics of programming.

The University of Houston is sponsoring a workshop on Saturday. Nov. 19th. Bootstrap: Programming Video Games with Algebra is the first of many outreach programs to build computational thinking minds and future computer scientists. I hope you will join us in the collaborative program with the College of Technology, Engineering and Education sponsored by the Texas Learning and Computation Center. Please register.

Teach Your Students to Program, Mathematically
Bootstrap teaches students to program their own videogames in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key math concepts.

In Bootstrap, Your Students will Practice and Apply
• Solving word problems
• Coordinate planes and Graphing
• Functions and Variables
• Function Composition
• Inequalities in the Plane
• The Pythagorean Theorem

About Bootstrap
Bootstrap is a free curriculum that reaches hundreds of students a year in states around the country, and has been recognized by the National Science Foundation, Google, and Microsoft. The software is free and cloud-based: if you have a modern browser, you already have everything you need!

Programming with Algebra Flyer for printing and distribution.

There are new Texas Technology Application and Computer Science Standards this course supports. – new TEKS for 2012 TCEA Blog. TEKS presentation blog at Region IV TCEA Conference.

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