Small Wins

Keystone Habits … Safety … Mindset … Quality Control …

My current listen to book while gardening – best place to have small wins when a flower grow. To grow minds education’s focus should be on quality control and feedback giving the opportunity for learners to share their small wins. For me it’s about the tiny tweak change agents. I found one of the best which comes next.

Now that was fun …

…. What was fun?

…………Having a Great Day in Houston Cleaning.

Listening to story telling from the heart with Debra Duncan as she connects the dots :))

If you would like to find out why Debra came to sit in my kitchen having a conversation with me, you will just have to log onto Great Day Houston.

Now to ingrain the habit of keeping my house clean as if there was a party happening. So, let’s party everyday. Keep the small wins going.

And the smiles continued …

… with this video from my daughter who arranged for my carpet to be cleaned.

Want to be part of creating small wins for you youth?

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