Prepare to Launch

… with Houston’s Annie Zhu who is a Barron’s Young Hero and NCWIT Aspirations Winner.

You must get your hands dirty to plant a garden.
You must experiment to see what works in your unique environment.
Planting a garden takes time.

My friends tell me I talk in circles and they can’t follow me. I explain, that is how my mind thinks. And that makes me even more curious. When I don’t know something I have to find the answer. When I get anxious having to make a decision I can’t stop thinking about all the options.

Decision Making requires curiosity.
Curiosity requires opportunities.
So provide opportunities so children can learn to make decisions.

Computing + Conservation = “R”
I provide seeds, but gardeners needed to plant and nurture them. + = Curiosity?

Finding answers … that is why I participate in so many webinars and events. Last week these circles -> Disney, Target,, C@R, TPWD:

How This Former White House Advisor Leads Women and Minorities into Tech

Recent Future Curiosity Action Ideas:

Connected articles from past rediscovered when looking for something else:

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