• To believe or not believe, that is the question?
  • To know, that is the problem.
  • All I know is I have to breathe.  In-out every 5.5 seconds, if I am to do it right.
  • What question lights your fire?
  • That is the quest of every teacher. To give you fuel so you know.

A comment by a neighbor that I was not breathing right.  Then my dentist looking at my x-ray said you have small nostrils. Fast forward, as it seem we are doing in life, led me to a solution to help me solve my health problems.  PE teachers. I was looking on the website to find the name of art teachers in SBISD to send a book by a fabric artist and AAUW-WHC friend. Could not find it, but did see an athletic tab with many choices. My grandson’s life is basketball so posting this to perk his interest in The New Science of a Lost Art. That is a circular idea like many of my posts. So, please enjoy looking around in circles to find which of my ideas you trust. And Breathe …

What if …

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