Procrastination is the reorganization of priorities. 

Why do we wait until disaster hits to do what needs to be done? Houston is so lucky Laura went East.  SSPEED Center director said in an article by Lisa Gray, “Though storm surges pose an extraordinary threat to Houston, there is no political will to address them … Bedient sounding resigned said, “I understand the physics, I just don’t understand the politics.  Physics is straightforward.

Students from Bellaire and St John’s high school recently coordinated a Hackathon with the theme Disaster Relief and Response! One organizer was a Houston NCWIT winner who wants to do something NOW to help. See for the projects they created in one weekend.  Just think what they could do with freedom to innovate.  Here are a few of their apps.

Hackathon leader Annie understands we can no longer procrastinate bringing CSforALL skills to every student. A team from ConocoPhilips shared their support as well as many volunteers to encourage students to study computer science, especially girls.  They and others know that our future depends on problem solvers in the classroom. And that future depends on the teachers who I fear the best will retire due to stress.  We need to do what we can to help them now deal with the politics of education.

The disaster of teachers and students unprepared for online learning could have been weakened if computer science education K12 was part of every school week a decade ago.  Like Houston that  just avoided a nightmare scenario, we can begin today to prepare our students for the future which we know is changing with AI.  To do that requires reinventing the education system and providing time for R&D and conversation based on student’s questions, not test questions.

What can you to today? Fill out this Form!

Find one high school student who you think is a creative thinker and share about NCWIT  Like ripples in water, if that student encourages 3 of her friends, in 20 iterations, we can reach the divergent thinkers who are being left out of computational thinking skills that every student needs now. And help with the politics by writing those you elect to make this a priority.  Most important being your local school board.


Students are the manufactures of Knowledge!!

Life is about finding solutions to roadblocks.
What pathway are you going down?


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