Movers and Shakers

Time, a very limited resource.  How can we help others earn time?

Walking Bella today, I went by a house and observed movers, and since I like to talk found out they were moving a piano. I shared my son tunes pianos and guitars and is a music teacher. They said they have to wait two weeks before turning the piano to get acclimated to the new environment. I loved learning something new, and said I wish that music time was required in schools. They smiled. I observed their careful attention to details and problem solving as they were loading the piano. On the continuation of my walk I ran into them again delivering the piano to its new home. I then commented that it is too bad the owners did not move the trucks out of the way so you could get in. They are a nice family, and probably were rushed and did not think about it. But I did note this wasted the workers time.  But being understanding they said yes, but it is what is. Didn’t get the picture of the problem as sat on a bench in our future communication area to check and got side-tracked.  Started talking to a couple walking by and surprise, surprise, my phone captured what was on my mind.

I see the same thing happening in classrooms, teachers are the workers and every thing should be done to save them time so they have more to give that 1:1 TLC that every child needs. Not being forced into a time scheduled day. I taught on the block schedule, and my son teaches on the block schedule, and I wonder why every secondary school does not move to this. With teaching both F2F and online students at the same time and dealing with attendance and logging in, 90 minute classes every other day make a lot more sense than 45 minute classes every day.

Teachers are the movers who can reinvent the school system.  But parents are the ones who need to shake up the system and help the teachers earn time.

Just talked to H-E-B curbside customer service to share a tiny tweak that could make their amazing customer service even better.  Being of that vulnerable age, I no longer go F2F to stores. One reason is those who choose not to wear masks for their own personal beliefs not caring about others and their feelings.  I noticed a person out of her car helping the attendant load, and not only that pat the worker on the back. I could see this young person was uncomfortable, but not saying anything as she needs her job. So, I called for her. I suggested that a penalty notice be sent saying, that “we observed that you were not following the rules. The third time you do this your privileged of curbside service will be removed.”  The customer service person I was talking to then shared how they have this problem in the stores, and when trying to escort customers out, it causes even more problems. But, they are working on solutions.  Wendy, also a grandmother, said she would send my suggestion in to the decision makers.  I asked her if  Wendy would be my champion and follow-up in a month to see if any action happened, and let me know. I ended my conversation with the quote, Do you want an Adventure now or Shall we have our Tea First? – Peter Pan

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