Empowering Teachers

“No, I am not doing that!”
  “It is not the best use of my time to empower my students in this knowledge economy.”

Data … Information … Knowledge

Sometimes we have to give up things we love because of safety.  That is why I sold a love of my life for the last 20 years, my Mazda Miata. But I did arrange visitation as the adoptive parents have been friends for decades.  Just said that to my husband, that he may have to give up his Segway, which he loves.  We returned from a walk with Bella where he usually takes his wheelchair as safer for both of us, but the experiment just did not work.

I fear that is going to happen with our creative dedicated teachers that have enough years to retire. But they stay in the classroom because they love their students and teaching.  For safety reasons, they may have no choice.  And I am concerned about the students who have a teacher who stays for the money they need to survive, but do not have the tech skills to make the adjustment to online education.  I know that the block schedule is a better option than the 7 period day. I know there are amazing online engaging lessons.  I know that the education system must be reinvented. In this social experiment of opening schools, please give the teachers the freedom to design a new system. And that will take entrepreneurial teachers and students.  Which includes the parents and grandparents who have become home-schoolers.  Administrators, please use block scheduling to give more time.

Leave it to the Teachers to manage time!

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