First a solution: www.ehackforcharity.org – I am so proud of our NCWIT Aspirations.org young leaders.  To think high school students can do this.  And second change the environment. All secondary schools should be using block scheduling, with 90 minute classes every other day instead of 45 minutes every day.


TicTok, TicTok … Procrastination is the reorganization of priorities.  Time is now to reinvent the education system!!  My brain is ticking with Jared’s #CSK8 Podcast with Joyce McCall who seems to have faced same roadblocks as I have the past decades.  Valid vs. Invalid information and decision making is our future.

Meeting parent and teacher needs while remaining safe … that is the dilemma.  Below are a few PD and online solutions I recommend that I have been part of.  But then I watched CBS Sunday Morning 8/2/20 … Email me if you would like to Zoom action ideas. I am always up to a brainstorming conversation on reinventing the education system.

Internet Access was a focus of the Austin based Texas Computer Education System when I first started teaching math and computer science in 1985. That was the start of my political activism which continues today. And this is still a problem … why aren’t the decision makers listening to the teachers who are the direct line to students and parents?

  1. Data Science and bootstrapworld.org
  2. Entrepreneurship training – Venture Lab
  3. Logo Foundation Workshop – lots below because I observed this PD
    1. with the BirdBrain Robot and PD
    2. BirdBrain
    3. Example of inspiring online PD COVID19 implementation
    4. Learn from the past – 1971 20 things to do with a computer
    5. Do for the future – 20 Things to Do with a Computer, 50 years later
      1. Inventive Minds – 2019 essays on AI and Education
  4. ISTE Webinar with Ariel Jankord
  5. Emotional Health – Sesame Street – How the Muffets are teaching

I could get mad at the coffee maker.  But instead re-poured my coffee through another filter since it went crooked and coffee grounds were in the pot.  That is what schools need – filter problem solvers.  That is the systems model I have been writing about since I first started teaching.  In fact, I helped a friend with her doctoral these and presented with her at a math conference in 1990 on this.  As well as continued to present at TCEA, ISTE and other conferences for decades.  What keeps me going are feedback like the one from a teacher who said I was going to change the world with what I was doing after our presentation at a TCEA Conference with my amazing friend Pamela. The linear binary education system is not working, we need a circular education system that includes continuous quality control and feedback.

The Bees Care and need you help!

Now to focus on finishing my favorite show, CBS Sunday morning.  Something every teacher needs to start their lessons with to inspire learning.  The learning is in the details. So what inspires you to write and blog?  Sunday mornings inspires me:

We need circular thinkers for our future.  We need circular curriculum.

Urbran Harvest – Oct 2020 Jim Blackburn

Jim Blackburn is a circular thinker – His presentation was inspiring as he has solutions.

A solution – a law making having a school garden part of the accountability system. Then maybe step with active action will happen in this dilemma of education.

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