Happiness is found in those tiny tweaks of Joy.

Motivation for change … The education system must change!!!  Please decision makers, do not go back to the old way of Carnegie Unit, Bell-ringing, grade driven accountability classrooms!  Why?  Watch:

And Young Verse’s video taking the school system to trial:

Fish in a Tank Video by Young Verse
– If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree …

Give students the abilities they need to survive in our future world

I created this post to prepare for my interview with TED. They contacted me because I shared some recommendations. These were their questions sent to prepare, and added other excellent thinking questions.

  1. What motivates me to write talk recommendations?
    1. “Together is Better
    2.  Looking for 360 degree links to build a bridge to debug the education system.
  2. What do you find most valuable about the experience?
    1. When someone values my idea, that give me the motivation to keep write-fighting.
    2. When I see the army grow and more generals leading the charge.

That made me feel good…  3 people… great questions.  Will be interesting to see where this goes.  They even brought up my reviews and asked why I did them. Now motivated to do more. Love conversations not presentations.  This is what should happen in classrooms with students.  And they were there on-time and ended on-time, 30 minutes. After my interview with TED, I know that this tech Development and Design team researching a community engagement platform, would be the very ones to share a solution to opening up schools.

What else made me feel good was talking to my grandson who is going into 9th grade. He is taking Harvard’s CS50 course for fun. We zoomed today after I read an article about How this distlance learning class was built.

Motivated now to write an editorial to respond to Elizabeth Gregory‘s article “Opinion: How to jump-start equity in education during COVID-19 crisis, not make things worse.” She is at the University of Houston where I earned my masters degree and became one of the first certified computer science teachers in Texas in 1985.  Have lots of connections there, and it is connections that create bridges for change.

What did TED pick out for me today? Solutions: Cooperation, Power to negotiate, successful economics are gardens, uses money to change laws … things I have been blogging about to change the education system.  Nice!! Thank you AI TED.   Action Idea: law having a school garden be part of accountability.  COVID is opening up testing funds to go other places. Teachers use your power to negotiate for your students.

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