A Different Way

Hindsight is 2020

A different way of using your voice …

“Stand still and wait until the way forward is clear.” – How long should I wait? Maybe going to Julie’s Library with my 4 year old granddaughter might help me find the right pathway.

… Finding that pathway for my voice by researching positive role models like Bill Gates.  And teaching teachers about the importance of learning about data science and quackery.  In other words, learning if information is valid or invalid. Changing the model of competitive education into collaborative.  Adding more librarians and counselors who can support students in research and building new passions and interests.  Maybe that just might be finding new pathways for health.  And that health includes our trees. Encouraging our youth to grow vegetables instead of choosing screen “candy” with this new found time. Our future depends on changing the system of education by finding a different way.

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