Increasing Women in CS

 2020 SCRIPT Symposium hosted by
University of North Texas Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Breakout Discussion on Increasing Women in CS

WHY? WHAT? HOW? – Where do you want to start?
Knowledge is answers to questions – Quintilian


Lessons / Ideas:

More thoughts:

  • Scale the networking – best part listening to other passionate educators.  Looking forward to seeing their stories.  Hope to see action partnerships with NCWIT,, CSTA and the ISTE CSN as we all have similar goals.

Creative Play does not happen in 2D and that includes worksheets.  Play is required to build curiosity. Watch James Taylor’s story and think of his sun. 2-02-2020 CBS Sunday Morning.  Look at how all the animals get along on their Moment in Nature. Let’s all Plant a Seed of Kindness.

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