Happy Hour of Code

CS for Good is the 2019 theme.

Let’s celebrate the power of youth like Time’s Person of the year Greta Thunberg.  Let’s celebrate the power of computer science by giving all students the tools of digital communication, data science, and building their passion projects.  Lets provide time during the school day for students to discuss history and learn about the biology of our best and worst selves.

Start by watching this – understand the past and community spaces.


Learn about the impact of AI on You – amazing videos:

  • Machine Learning: Computers make decision by recognizing patterns – learn through experience with data. First get the knowledge then get the power.
  • Training data and bias: Where does training data come from? – what if only men provide the input?  Up to you to give your machine unbiased data from lots of sources.  The data is the code.
  • Impact on Society: How do you grow food? How do you stay healthy? How do you decide who to vote for?  Most important part of machine learning is human learning.  Learning how to use it for good.

Learn what CS for Good community volunteers are doing in Houston:

  • Fresh Hub Houston – We need to find solutions to our local problems by using technology like Aspirations winners Shirley and Annie Zhu with other Houston ISD Bellaire HS students.


There is an opportunity Gap – how to close it. 

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