When you plant a seed

“If you plant a seed” grew to “When you plant a seed”

Book by Kadir Nelson

Victory with Victory Gardens – The ideas abound – here are a few more seeds (TED Talks):

GROWING PROJECTS … want inspiration? See what this inspiring teacher did.

History still growing – hope my posts help plant seeds

As my TED Talk page grows, started organizing around topics.  Food I am thinking is the most important. Missing ingredient is people doers. Champions of Change.

Can the bees help?

From junk to fresh food. What about a “sin” tax to provide the resources for change?

And the bigger question, who is evaluating all the outreach programs that businesses fund? That is what I would like to do as I am tired of planting seeds that don’t grow.  And volunteering in schools to pull the weeds that were not prevented.


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