We were looking for all the “Thinks you Can Think” as went to see Suessical the Musical at Miller Outdoor theatre. My favorite book I read to my students even in high school. Instead my 3 year old granddaughter took the book “The Imagineering Way – Ideas to Ignite your Creativity”.  I bought this in 2004 when I presented at the AP CS conference on Programming with Graphics. That led to re-discovering Figment.

My granddaughter made me leave her photo upside down, cute.  She is making music now with her animal’s tail, a temporary Figment, which she just called, a good dinosaur.  Such creativity.  If only this could be her life in the classroom K-12; connecting the dots with creative conversation. She just told me I have to look at what she is doing.  She told me to turn my face to see him do a head stand. I said I have to think, as someone mentioned to me they liked Disney.  I remembered.  It was yesterday at the University of Houston where I went to see a student I am mentoring who earned an internship at the Brain Research center.  She is creating a comic book.  So many connections; just need to turn the dots into collaborative creative action.

May be a figment of my imagination, but I think SBISD and I are going down parallel pathways.  I believe it would be more efficient and effective if were going together.  Maybe then we could take a giant leap.

Believe in Tomorrow





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