When You Plant a Seed

History still growing …

... to grow the love of a hard day's work!!!

To walk across the Mississippi River … and navigate the sharp bends.
… No matter the rules, give way.

Analyzing disasters for the future.  There is only so much we can do.
… 90 days to make a wish come true! -> changing our classrooms.

Finding a new life …

Bringing back the love of a hard day’s work in the classroom.  The joy of success no matter the job.  That is what we need to inspire in our young children. Give teacher’s the freedom to do this. As those in the classroom who plant the seeds are the only ones who can. And those who make the rules need to walk in this river and be a real live partner in change.

You can plant the seed! and be a Rosie!!

“It is a season 4 strategy” –  My grandson’s who I signed up for the Game Builder’s class at Code Ninja’s.  Kade asked, “Same people as at the Mindcraft class?”…  “Yes!  Those people were amazing.”  Said while they were playing Fortnite as multi-taking way to get them to talk and listen to their conversation. “Do you want to do dance therapy now?”

… and Join the Dance Revolution!!!

Houston, We have a problem …  But we can solve with Bridgette’s STEAM education: abc13.com/community-events/twin-neil-armstrong-statues-will-link-houston-and-russia

United in Space – United …

Will Sunflowers grow in your space?

Shedding light before it is too late.


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