Roots of Change

The Roots of Change must be planted with our youth. 

And what better way than planting a Rosie the Riveter Memorial Garden in Hermann Park.  What a history. What amazing role models we can thank … from the first teacher, to Grace Hooper … Watch this video for ideas to inspire girls to go into STEM. As in the past, these ideas are from CBS Sunday Morning.

  • Maybe their challenge might be finding solutions to the rural areas closing hospitals.
  • Or go Into the Woods to grow chairs or find a solution to the bug killing the olive trees.
  • Or share what you observe and do the right thing.  And not walking away because easier thing.
  • You can be tempted with just your imagination, music and songs and pursue a lifelong dream. And never stop believing and trying.  Unrest, that is where we are now and where we were then. How can you bring peace?  My Girls … I’ve Got Sunshine.  My Rosies …
  • Waiting years to print a book … it is about the quality control of the work, using your hands, using your mind.  It is the total package.  It is a piece of art. Have you been to the Houston Print Museum? Perhaps the American Academy of Bookbinding is in your future. What else can I make that will last 500 years.  If you read a book that is carefully made you can get more out of it.

So will you go to the Moon?

What will people do on the moon?  Why is it important? – You can share your vision!  

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