How do you spell purple?

I met this amazing educator at the Children at Risk Texas Education Summit 2018.  AJ Crabill, Dep. Commissioner of Governance, Texas Education Agency spoke on TEA’s new school accountability. Check out – what an amazing database.

I hope that accountability includes assessment on asking a learner to change code to see if they mastered their assignment. I have used coding to assess student’s mastery of math concepts for decades.  In this lesson the assessment was to write code that draws a circle inscribed in a square. The question is how do we replace multiple choice testing with coding as an assessment tool? That and self-assessment. With AI thinking computers could grade. It is time to change the system.

I hope in the TEA Listening Tour the focus is on computer science as 60%+ STEM jobs are in CS and every student needs to learn the basics.  Communication is the key to make sure the majority of talkers are teachers.

After kids can spell purple the next question is:

How do you Make Purple?

That will be the focus of the WeTeachCS Summit presentation on June 17th near Austin

Building the Computational Mindset in STEM Education
To scale Computer Science For All

To integrate the foundational CS skills of pattern recognition, decomposition, abstraction and algorithms and the computational thinking dispositions/practices in K-12.  Are you finding roadblocks to scale CS for All? How do you promote STEM integrated thinking through CT/CS? Do other teachers help build the mindset to prepare students; try coding and creating apps? You will be given the opportunity to brainstorm solutions to your unique classroom, school or district. Together is better in dealing with the politics of CS Education!


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  1. Thanks – now to work on teaching kids how to spell Purple. As “The World Needs More Purple People” – by Bell & Hart.

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