Something really scary with the now of AI and machine learning. Going to listen to Frankenstein during this Halloween season. Was inspired by my favorite show, so many ideas grow with CBS Sunday Morning. Which was inspired by a book written in 1817 as it turns 200. Thought my friends might want a scare too. Please let me know what you think?


What else is scary … too many kids are not being exposed to AI, Machine Learning and Computer Science.  Conversations with Bots – Who is having the conversations? We need some General Magic in schools.  Way to go Megan Smith.  I remember when I sat in the Roosevelt room with you when you were CTO.  Was impressed then, and can’t wait to see what MEGAN does next.

Fighting for the Voiceless – her passion after surviving Jonestown 40 years ago

Lets bring the voice of civics lessons and conversation into every classroom.

I hope kids learn that Freedom is earned through education, that they are a slave to their own ignorance. That time spent on F2F conversations and real-world adventures is more engaging than Fortnite and their social media sites.

From my 1996 original website 100% coded in HTMLThe most powerful of software tools is the programming language … an important role for the teacher is as a sort of human tool, a consultant on ways and means, rather than an initiator of activities for students.” – Brian Harvey 1980
Education is the only business still debating the useful of technology. – Dr. Ron Paige

Now the debate is the usefulness of computer science education.  My school district has purchased Chromebooks for all high school students.  What is scary is wondering if all teachers will incorporate computational thinking into their lessons. Wondering if kids will learn to control their devices by creating their own apps, games and websites.  Such as the UT “Know before you Vote” app.

And the debate continues on the impact of screen time, rich vs poor, public vs private, etc.

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