Conference For Advancement of Mathematics Teaching – CAMT June 28 11:30

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Code Math TEKS presented by Affiliates
Karen North, Kim Lane, and Susan Reeves

Practice creates easy from difficult. Coding is a fun practice tool for math. It is a way of communicating, a way of understanding a process and articulating that through code. See how lessons including unplugged activities build the process standards for K-8 math TEKS through finance, art and geometry.

Integrate?  Segregate?

By ChoiceBy Design – By Process … About TIME

“Ask the problem before teaching the method – the process.”
Jo Boaler CAMT 2016 Keynoter

The first step in computer programming is to define the goal.

Math Mindsets BoalerVennDiagr-GRN   Input_Process_Output_Feedback

“If you can guess about IT, IT is in the Real World …
If you can argue about it, it is in your Real World”
Dan Meyer CAMT 2016 Keynoter

  1. Warmup: Binary BraceletsEntrepreneurs and Financiers?
  2. Connections: Letter Introduction and Ideas
  3. Why Code? Why Integrate? Survey – Who is our audience? WhyCSLiked Data Analysis
  4. Math TEKS correlation with Lessons
    3DArtistCodeStudio Watch the Artist
  5. Process Standard Implementation Ideas:
    . . . Bee-Bots Dancing to bring CS for All.

    1. The CRA Model start with Unplugged LessonsGET LOOPY
    2. Pair Programming: staring the Navigator and Driver
    3. Code Digital Flower and imagine Mondrian Art
    4. Frozen – Code Elsa and Anna to draw snowflakes
    5. Real Life Algorithm:
      1. Fold-a-book – Paper Airplanes
      2. Plant-a-seed – Kids Grow in the garden too.
  6. The Pathway to facilitate actionCSPathwayCodeOrg
  7.  Resources
    1. CS in Algebra Curriculum
    2. BootStrap – CS and Algebra Integrated using WeScheme (presenting next)
    3. Google Education – including grant opportunities
    4. Pencil Code Gym
    5. Shelly Kozma Coding in the Math Class.
    6. Breakout Edu
  8. Circle Action Plans – “Shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”

Create Illusions by Integrating Key Math Concepts with Code

Intel Decoding Diversity: The Financial and Economic Returns to Diversity in Tech

  • An additional $470 to $570 billion in new value for the U.S. technology industry could be generated through full representation of ethic and gender diversity.
  • Every incremental percentage point in African-American and Hispanic representation at NASDAQ-listed tech companies can represent a 3 percent increase in revenues and a potential $300 to $370 billion annual increase in revenue for the technology sector.
  • A global productivity boost of $430 to $530 billion could be generated through closing the global tech industry’s female leadership gap.

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