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Education with Keep Houston Beautiful

Education with the Ninja Turtle Coders


The kids at Westwood ES in Spring Branch ISD absolutely enjoyed the Keep Houston Beautiful Event. They planted flower seeds connecting it to the concept of algorithms in computer science, followed by a lesson on coding a flower in Elizabeth Sosa (AIM | Allied Integrated Marketing) treated us to a wonderful pizza party, and everyone was given a pass to the premier of the new Ninja Turtles movie. Algorithms for planting seeds, growing a virtual flower and recycling garbage are our future inspired by their amazing teachers Ms. Olson and Ms Moulton.
Ninja Flower
This Hispanic student’s teacher was so excited that he followed the written directions and enhanced with own stamp. He explored and found the Ninja to expand the Ninja Mutant Turtle movie theme. Ms. Olson designed a game to help him learn to code and her heart grew when she saw what he did on his own. See Flower Power Code Samples to build your own lessons for your unique learners. Slide 2 has the directions the students were given to grow their flower power.

AMINewCoderI was inspired by seeing the excitement from the volunteer teacher from AIM, when he saw the flower bloom that he created by following the directions on the handout. We all gave him a hand as these were his first lines of code.  I think I may have found a future Code Buddy.


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