Data Scientist

DATA SCIENTIST is one of the top 15 tech roles.  All kids should be data scientists.  Decision making should be a top skill taught, as you can’t make a decision without data.  Yet schools and teachers make most the decisions for kids.  That needs to change!

PRESENCE – Harvard psychologist and TED star Amy Cuddy reveals how to unleash your boldest self to heighten your confidence, influence others, and perform at your peak. Can striking the proper pose put you in good standing for the rest of your life? When you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to actually feel powerful.

How can you make a presence in your school?
“America is a nation of DOERS. The hard working and the smart working,
the all-in going all-out, with the kind of can-do work ethic that defines America.”

PROCESS – How can presence be used to find funding?  Microsoft is investing $75 million to build CS Education, but what is the process that can be used to get that needed funding to teachers?  Have been in this game for 30 years, and still the same problem as when I started.  Time and Funding in the classroom is going to intervention instead of prevention. Others outside the classroom decide what teachers need, yet teachers know, just are dying as asked to do too much.  Can you be a Data Scientist and use that data to once and for all make computer science an academic area with the same classroom time allotment as “academic” subjects? Or better yet, free up teachers to be personal brain trainers.

Free up time for students to solve real-world problems.  Such as in Dallas and other areas where homes were destroyed and lives were lost. What data can be collected to reduce the destruction caused by weather?  How many students were impacted in Garland? My friend and fellow affiliate has trained teachers in this area and we want to know how we can help them re-build.  Creating an action plan takes being a data scientist.  What can you find out? What can you do?

How can you make a presence in your school?
“America is a nation of DOERS. The hard working and the smart working.

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