Power of CODE in Education

TCEA 2015

  • Create a Binary Bracelet and Estimate Beads in the Code Jar: Code Studio Unplugged Lessons. – At Tech App Day and Exhibit Hall Terrapin Booth 2263
  • Tech Apps Day Tuesday:

    K12 CS Education:

    1. TechApps CTE CS Legislative Action
    2. Growth of K12 CS and Computational Thinking Presentation
    3. Computational Thinking Definition Flyer
    4. ISTE CT Progression Chart
    5. SIGCT CT Poster
    6. Computational Thinking Lesson from Code.org

    TRC Texas CS Task Force
    Goal: Increase the Number of Students Taking Computer Science Related H.S. Courses
    Problem: Duplicate Courses and Funding
    Solution: Legislative Action

    TCEA recommends that the legislature move the HS Tech Apps courses in C126 into the Career Technical Education curriculum, Chapter 130. The SBOE should be given the authority to review and align the courses, eliminate duplicate standards, and ensure the level of rigor matches the purpose for each course.


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