You can code a Green Circle in Red Square

From the video below Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena Silenok, Vanessa Hurst, and Hadi Partovi.

Learn about a new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in in 90% of US schools.

This superpower has been around for decades, the problem is educators keep waiting for Superman. They are looking in the wrong circles. I have been teaching programming for 30 years and know that Everyone can learn to code!! That is if your school introduces you to the world of computer science. Some kids are lucky enough to have friends or parents help them. In Texas there are 9 High School Computer Science courses. Programming is part of the Math TEKS and Technology Application TEKS. My 2005 research data shows that computer programming can increase mastery of algebraic computation skills.

  1. We need champions and change agents!!
  2. Please help make computer science part of the Texas HB5.
  3. Please write your legislators to add:

  • To Foundation High School Program SECTION 5(c-1) (1) add computer science endorsement. :)Added by Committee
  • To SECTIONS 52(b)(1)(B) and 53(b)(1)(B) add to “critical thinking ** and problem solving” *computational thinking*. NOTE: Computational Thinking is critical thinking + computing.
  • Go to and copy and paste this code:

    ;; Examples
    (circle 75 “outline” “green”)
    (rectangle 150 150 “outline” “red”))

    (circle 50 “solid” “green”)
    (rectangle 100 100 “solid” “red”))

    ;; GreenCircleInRedSquare number -> drawing
    ;; Draw a Green Circle inscribed in a Red Square
    (define (GreenCircleInRedSquare radius)
    (circle radius “solid” “green”)
    (rectangle (* radius 2) (* radius 2) “solid” “red”)))

    (GreenCircleInRedSquare 75)
    (GreenCircleInRedSquare 50)

    Please see my video on Programming Graphics and my web 1.0 site for more code.

    I am not alone, as there are many organizations that support CS education including CSTA and NCWIT. I am trying to help locally promote CS Education. More videos on Computational Thinking can be found at

    Teaching programming physically changed my brain by building dendrites that did not exist when I was in high school, thus creating an ability to write and think computationally.

  • We need all teachers, especially elementary school, to be able to think computationally to build C-STEAM researchers and entrepreneurs.
  • We need to reduce the Achievement Gender Effect.
  • We need to CODE FOR TEXAS. Try this computer program in WeScheme too:

  • (define star-side (overlay (star 45 “solid” “white”) (rectangle 100 200 “solid” “navy”)))
    (define stripes-side (above (rectangle 200 100 “solid” “white”) (rectangle 200 100 “solid” “red”)))
    (overlay (rectangle 300 200 “outline” “black”) (beside star-side stripes-side))

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