The Thiel Fellowship has fueled a fierce debate about the value of a college education in a changing economy, one where the skills to write software or build a robot, coupled with an outsize dose of ambition and a youthful belief in one’s ability to change the world, have the potential to produce fame and fortune in a way that few other professions do. – New York Times

… How do we bring together organizations in Houston to scale Brain Building PBL in the classroom?

… And connect to Global Outreach?

… And reach out to book publishers to add programming enrichment activities.  The standards breakouts can be found on the TEA website. This lists the technology application TEKS as well as the 9 new high school CS classes including

  • Game Programming and Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Robotics Programming and Design
  • Digital Forensics
  • Discrete Mathematics

Volunteering with outreach programs to build our future …
… Our future computer scientists, inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers and brilliant thinkers.

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