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Stanford’s Process Guide – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

Memorial High School Design Thinking Camp July 10 – 14, 2017

Everything is about planning, having a plan A, a plan B …
… a Design Recipe … a Systems Model … a Flowchart … an Action Plan …
What is your goal? What do you want to do?
Where do you start?
What is your first step?
How do you improve your design?

Think Globally, but ACT Locally – SBISD Design Thinking Workbook
At the core of this process is a bias towards action and creation: by creating and testing something, you can continue to learn and improve upon your initial ideas.


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


  1. Design Recipe – Purpose/Data, Examples, Functions, Test
  2. Systems Model – Input, Process, Output, Feedback
  3. Action PlanCollect Data, Organize Items, Prioritize Steps, Collect Feedback
  4. Math Problem Solving – Understand problem, make plan, carry out plan, check solution for reasonableness. (Sharon Wells Math Topic TE 19)
  5. Iterative Development Modeliterative_development_model-svg

In October 2009 Students listened to Peter, Paul and Mary’s song, If I Had a Hammer.  We discussed tools for learning.  Students hammered holes in cups to simulate holes in their brain.  This was connected to the theme of the year – planning and building their new school.  I shared my ideas for a 21st century collaborative centered school with a focus on tools that build brains. Two years into the new school and the classrooms are still sit in a row, testing lecture focused.  Yes, there are some excellent project-based lessons, but the focus is grades.

My grandson told me he used to like math in Kinder.  But, now he doesn’t because of the worksheets and grades.  So, I am looking for the hammers that will tear down the 20th century schools that are not working. I am looking for more laws to change, like the most recent math and technology TEKS. I am looking for schools that create dreams so my grandson as he goes into 3rd grade will find his work passion.  If only I had a 1000 hammers …

If I Had A HammerIf I Had a Hammer

Teaching Computer Science and Computational Thinking in K-5
Using Robots
– ISTE 2012 Presentation

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