When are people going to learn that people are more important than money?
Are grades classroom money?
Innovative Time and Community Service Graduation requirement are solutions.
Lets give those who aspire to help solve real world problems that opportunity.

As I watch my granddaughter – my flower – explore and experiment, I see how she has all the innovative time she needs to learn. My aspiration is to make sure she has an education outside the box, that bowl that keeps classrooms swimming in circles.

Watch the fish in a bowl


Calling all superintendents to motivate all their principals to motivate all their teachers to give class time to help young women start the process of applying for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award during the school day. And calling all parents to support their child in completing the application before November 7th.

Calling all divas, hackers, coders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, designers, artists, dancers, writers to help young learners to run in circles around their passion.  Community service that involves unplugged CS lessons is a solution to build our future minds. Not computer time.  And that takes Code Buddies as teachers are so overloaded they need your help with 25+ kids wanting individual attention.  And your expertise to understand that computer science is a process that starts the skills needed to learn how to solve real world problems.

Will you help!

Remembering can be Sad


CBS Sunday Morning – Will miss Charlie too.  So many inspirational SUNS … So many inspirational thoughts from the best show on TV- like this post I write on this Sunday Morning.  Guess I will have to see you on the radio as I walk my little flower.

Today after seeing your story about Lancaster remembered when I went there for training to teach Technology Systems at Houston ISD’s Westside High School.  This changed my world as I experienced the environment that every school needs to provide. That went away and I am still wondering why and how to get it back.  I remember the students that touched my life. Makes be a little sad that I don’t know how their life is now.

Just hope they are happy.  Hope they get outside and listen.  Have not been listening to the Osgood File while walking, but will do it now.  CBS and Charlie again inspiring me to do something new. As I always know that something new takes away the sad.  Like my remembering 9/11 and all my other posts that have a history of my students created because I know how to code in HTML.  Remembering my editorials inspired by CBS Sunday Morning and Charles Osgood, both published in the Houston Chronicle and unpublished posted on my blog. Wondering my next path in the sun.

My Flowers

Stories to be told … best F2F … in the Real World

zinniabybarbara  miabybarbara

Thank you Barbara … Looking forward to our Walks and Talks in Nature

But then I also like to tell stories on my blog, something that always surprises me as I hated to write when I was in school. So, let me tell you about a flower, Linda, an elderly neighbor of my daughter’s.  She brought over bags of grapes to my grandchildren and family to build community in their little cul-de-sac.  She gave me two bags too, and said share this with one of your neighbors.

So, on my walk with my little flower Mia, we talked about sharing and reducing the “selfie” people in this world.  We took the grapes to neighbors Emily and Tom,  that have been on my list to visit as he had surgery. Tom and I talked about my new fun nanny activity, as I felt Mia was too young to put into day-care, and discussed if there really is quality day-care.

Then on my walk home went down a path I usually avoid because the stroller picks up hidden dog poop.  As I was cleaning the wheels I wished that those who do pick up after their dog would also pick up any dog mess they see. As we all have to help each other out in this world.  We have to do things just because they are right.

Such as planting seeds of kindness.  Mia’s favorite book, If You Plant a Seed. And I think about the Zinnias that grew from seeds that my grandchildren planted in our community garden cul-de-sac. And I wish more people would step up to the plate and help grow gardens in schools.  As teachers are so overloaded they can’t get beyond survival. Just like parents trying to raise their kids.  That is why it is so much fun taking care of my granddaughter, as when I was a single parent I seemed to only have time to survive and not stop and smell the flowers.

And the fun is added when I go for a walk, as people stop and talk to my little bundle of joy.  Have been walking the same path for years and see the same people, but now stop and talk.


Wondering – what little thing I could do now to help change the world through schools building peace and empathy.

  • Remembering August 2001 when I was on top of the World Trade Centers with my cousin, Kathy, also a teacher.
  • Remembering my classroom at Westside High School watching as I taught technology systems and had live TV access in the video production module.
  • Remembering my students who but together a tribute for 9/11.  Wondering where they are and the impact I might have made on their lives to give back to our world, our community. Wishing I could watch their tribute again, and hoping the student who masterminded it would post it online so I could watch again.
  • Remembering my computer science classes and wishing I had posted more student work to show the past to change the future of CS Education. Wondering what I can to honor the selection by the White House a Champion of Change for CS Education.
  • Remembering my 50th High School Reunion August 27th and my friends who touched my life.  Wondering what I can do for my grandchildren’s Spring Branch ISD schools they now and attend, and MHS my school where they will be attending. Wondering if the classrooms will still be mostly lecture mode desks or if the switch to student-led project based integrated learning will happen.
  • Wondering what I can do for CS for All to exponentially make the change happen for all students.

Sign Language

Tede’s new friends – My focus in education is now learning non-verbal communicate using the Baby Sign Language Dictionary – Fun being a “nanny” and playing with my granddaughter.

Reading John Medina’s book “Brain Rules for Babies” reinforced what I have known.  “Learning Sign Language may boost cognition by 50 percent….  Attention focus, spatial abilities, memory, and visual discrimination scores improved…. Interacting with other people, not computer time, not television time … brain needs interaction with you, in person.” 

We need to build non-verbal communication skills!  Which can help build verbal skills.



In Memory … Inspiration for generations of educators and researchers around the world.

For all of us, our lives have been touched by Seymour Papert over the past 50 years. One of the fathers of educational thinking since the 1960’s, Constructivist theory of education belongs firmly in his lap.

His ideas that children could do more than just play with a computer, they could actually learn from them!!! to experiment, explore and create, changed how we viewed computers in a classroom.

CS4TX – CS for All


“For all the factory jobs lost to Third World competitors,
Far more are lost to robots.” – Charles Krauthammer

So who teaches robots? Computer Scientists of all ages.

WeTeach_CS – Bee-Bots Dancing to Bring CS for All

Computer Science creates the opportunity for rising wages.  Every career requires computational thinking skills.  What can you do to provide the opportunity for CS for All?

White House CALL TO ACTION … January 2016August 2016

Building the mindset can start in kindergarten.


Building A Foundation Ideas


  • International Society for Technology Education  ISTE June 2016 Denver
  • Conference for the Advancement of Mathematical Teacher CAMT June 2016 San Antonio

TedE travels … Sponsored by the TRC … From one conference to another found wonderful connections to build computational thinking minds. Including our CTN Playground, Computer Science Firehose, Bee-Bots, Google Project Bloks,’s Hadi Partovi and Disney R2D2 Frozen Plans. Surprised that of the 70 math teachers at our CAMT Code Math TEKS presentation only a small percent had even heard of “Hour of Code.” WeTeachCS and my Bee-Bots Dancing for CS for All can only grow as ISTE will be in San Antonio next year.

Join the Texas movement -> CS4TX

  BeeBotISTE HadiGoogle  ISTER2D2HadiPamela

See the excitement from a math teacher who just learned about “Hour of Code”

We live on a ship powered by energies that sunder cause and effect, beginning and end

Building on the President’s Call to Action to Expand Computer Science Education in K-12 Schools














Conference For Advancement of Mathematics Teaching – CAMT June 28 11:30

SPONSORED BY … @weteachcs #weteachcs …

Code Math TEKS presented by Affiliates
Karen North, Kim Lane, and Susan Reeves

Practice creates easy from difficult. Coding is a fun practice tool for math. It is a way of communicating, a way of understanding a process and articulating that through code. See how lessons including unplugged activities build the process standards for K-8 math TEKS through finance, art and geometry.

Integrate?  Segregate?

By ChoiceBy Design – By Process … About TIME

“Ask the problem before teaching the method – the process.”
Jo Boaler CAMT 2016 Keynoter

The first step in computer programming is to define the goal.

Math Mindsets BoalerVennDiagr-GRN   Input_Process_Output_Feedback

“If you can guess about IT, IT is in the Real World …
If you can argue about it, it is in your Real World”
Dan Meyer CAMT 2016 Keynoter

  1. Warmup: Binary BraceletsEntrepreneurs and Financiers?
  2. Connections: Letter Introduction and Ideas
  3. Why Code? Why Integrate? Survey – Who is our audience? WhyCSLiked Data Analysis
  4. Math TEKS correlation with Lessons
    3DArtistCodeStudio Watch the Artist
  5. Process Standard Implementation Ideas:
    . . . Bee-Bots Dancing to bring CS for All.

    1. The CRA Model start with Unplugged LessonsGET LOOPY
    2. Pair Programming: staring the Navigator and Driver
    3. Code Digital Flower and imagine Mondrian Art
    4. Frozen – Code Elsa and Anna to draw snowflakes
    5. Real Life Algorithm:
      1. Fold-a-book – Paper Airplanes
      2. Plant-a-seed – Kids Grow in the garden too.
  6. The Pathway to facilitate actionCSPathwayCodeOrg
  7.  Resources
    1. CS in Algebra Curriculum
    2. BootStrap – CS and Algebra Integrated using WeScheme (presenting next)
    3. Google Education – including grant opportunities
    4. Pencil Code Gym
    5. Shelly Kozma Coding in the Math Class.
    6. Breakout Edu
  8. Circle Action Plans – “Shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”

Create Illusions by Integrating Key Math Concepts with Code

Intel Decoding Diversity: The Financial and Economic Returns to Diversity in Tech

  • An additional $470 to $570 billion in new value for the U.S. technology industry could be generated through full representation of ethic and gender diversity.
  • Every incremental percentage point in African-American and Hispanic representation at NASDAQ-listed tech companies can represent a 3 percent increase in revenues and a potential $300 to $370 billion annual increase in revenue for the technology sector.
  • A global productivity boost of $430 to $530 billion could be generated through closing the global tech industry’s female leadership gap.


CS4TxRichard Gere on CBS Sunday Morning: “Wants to make films that do more than just entertain. … That simple connection makes everything meaningful. …
Change does not come from your head, it Comes from the Heart.

Be in the Moment, Be Present, Be in Nature