Ted Talks

My quest for knowledge and creation of CCO‘s in every school district. A person to inspire our students to be champions. As they have the power of communication and can win a TED prize.

I watch these as a motivator to do my breathing exercises “every” morning.  Love that TED picks out something for me.  Used to add at the bottom, but Richardo’s TED talk moved to the top.  As he is saying the same thing I have for decades.  In fact, each TED talk connects to that theme.

As they grow, need to organize around topics.   Food I am thinking is the most important. Missing ingredient is people doers. Champions of Change.

Got a Wicked Problems – Heidi Williams used in her CS presentation at ISTE.

    1. What followed was the Genius of Ants. PATTERNS IS THE MESSAGE.
    2. How Turn Group of strangers into a Team – Together is better!
    3. Say your truths and seek them in others – Time, Listen, Love!
    4. Places Scientists are not exploring – Shedding Light before it is too late
    5.  Beauty in Impection –  Space, Connections in the Unknown
    6. Spell Binding Art of Human Anatomy
    7. Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds Visual Cells – How the brain works
    8. Adam Grant:Original thinkers – Best way to improve the world around us – procrastinate
    9. Scott McCloud: The Visual Magic of Comics – Searched “Early Childhood Technology” as my friend is moving to Boston to take a job at Tuff’s managing a course which is a must for our future. An aspirations.org winner is creating comics at the University of Houston about brain innovations. My quest – connect these two educators.
    10. Mel Robbins: How to Stop screwing yourselfactivation energy – get out of your head – get outside – 5 second rule or idea is killed.  Me summary: How to apply Einsteins quote – Inspiration vs Perspiration.  Go do it:open your mouth. Me: I do it but am called a busy buddy. Yes I know, Finished the ISTE TedX course and do that Ted Talk. Looked up busy buddy and what did I find buy my pet toys. Bigger question is time, as you see, I got this puppy and want to blow the bloody doors off … So I got a trainer as just don’t know what toys work, what I am doing wrong, why …
    11. Sal Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education – Student:ValueTime Ratio, motivation:badges – Has tracking over time and tracks teacher feedback – for mentor tutoring volunteer time .  A vision of the future in education – Bill Gates This was 2011, what has changed; me I need to check. Then TED choose to play Ken Robinson’s talk on creativity, which followed with lots more on education. So, when is the system going to be flipped?  Cyber Security is safe, but computer science and computational thinking. Does this scare you?  So, lets be in the safe zone to start.
    12. Dan Ariely: Why we do the things we do – Evaluation, Ownership – Efficiency in the knowledge economy – Creation, challenges