Dance Party HCE

The Party begins at

Which ones can you do? Dance forever moves include:

  • Body Roll
  • Clap High
  • Dab
  • Double Down
  • Drop
  • Floss
  • Fresh
  • Gangnam
  • Star
  • This or That
  • Zombie.

The Challenge is on!!!!

Examples of Dances from my Xmas present family challenge:

The 13 Puzzles and lesson used during the Hour of Code at HCE:

  1. Make a Dancer:
  2. Add EVENT: (A measure refers to a certain number of beats.)
  3. Add another event:
  4. Add background:
  5. Change dance move after 2 measures:
  6. Add backup dancer:
  7. Change PROPERTY – Size: (Properties describe things like the dancer’s position on the screen, the dancer’s size, and the dancer’s color.)
  8. Change Property – Tint:
  9. Make Properties respond to music:
  10. Run code when an arrow is pressed:
  11. More Arrow control …
  12. Create a bunch of dancers at once
  13. Now create your own dance and share with the world. Blocks are listed in groups. Use pull-down menu to find your dance code.
  14. Continue the Input-Process-Output Model Loop with Feedback
    1. Fine-tune your dance at home and share your dances with your family for presents.  Click the Share button and add cell-phone number.
    2. Then create a choreographed dance and preform for your family with the animated characters in the background.  What FUN!!!

From Action to Code …


How about Dance For All … partnered with CS For All. As Together is Better!